JFB Cores Ltd Runcorn cores and tubes manufacturer logo and photos of tubes and cores manufactured.

JFB Cores and Tubes - Special Finishes

Various special finishes can be provided for the inside and outside surfaces.

Special liner on the outer surface

Example of tubes and cores manufactured by JFB Cores with special liner on the outside surface.

For particular applications such as use in the food industry, the outer strip can be provided with a film that acts as a barrier material or release liner.

We have a variety of materials available for this such as polythene film, cellophane film, siliconised paper, etc.

Printed inner or outside ply

Example of tubes with printing on the outside, manufactured by JFB Cores Ltd.

Our tubes can be provided with printing on both the inside and outside.

Example of tubes manufactured by JFB Cores Ltd Runcorn, with printing on the inside.
The following choices are available
  • printing a continuous line
  • impression in one reference colour, company name or logo
  • multi-colour printing with company name, logo, etc

  • Vegetable parchment paper

    Photograph of Coloured vegetable parchmnet tubes

    Available in many colours and colourfast. Oil resistant paper often used as the top ply of textile cores.

    Resistant to tearing and wear.

    Embossed top ply

    Photograph of embossed top ply tubes.

    An embossed liner that makes the surface of the tube rougher. This rougher surface helps to minimise your product moving whilst the tube is being used or during winding.

    Double Sided Tape - Quickstart

    Self adhesive top ply tubes.

    This adhesive tape helps the start of a problem free winding process. No additional glue, staples, etc are required.

    Postal Tubes

    Postal tubes are available in a variety of sizes and with end closures if required.

    These tubes are also often used as Mailing Tubes, Diploma Tubes, Poster Tubes, ideal for photographs, artwork, charts, maps, etc.

    Smooth Outer Surface

    Photograph of tubes with smooth outer surface.

    Smooth outer tubes, with a special finish.

    Label Cores

    Various label cores manufactured by JFB Cores Ltd Runcorn UK.

    A variety of label cores are available.